Bi-Coastal RivalryFlorida vs. Alaska in Offshore Power Boat World Championship! [ December 01 2010 ]
Time Bandits crew settled in second place in Production Class 3 behind the Watt-Ahh  boat after officials warned and actually issued a time penalty on the second race in Key West.  Time Bandit fared better than some other racers.  Competing at high speeds on unsettled seas capsized two racing boats.  Two racers were completely ejected from their boat in this extreme sport.

The winning boat was driven by Scott Brown and Throttleman Eddie Tamberino, their first World Championship after 8 years of racing.  They won 2 out of the 3 races.  When the boat laid over on the third and final race, Driver Scott said, I took one hand off the wheel to grab the emergency air regulator thinking we were going for a swim.  But myThrottleman, Eddie, stayed on it and the boat recovered to keep racing.

We knew we had stiff competition in a higher class,said Rob Gourley, one of the Watt-Ahh boats mechanics.  Gourley is also a tough guy even the Time Bandit crew might appreciate.  He spent over two decades keeping heavy machinery going on the Alaskan pipeline project in Prudhoe Bay.  We made custom changes to the boat to enhance its acceleration and cornering abilities in the rough seas during Key West races this year.  It was on-the-edge racing and the boat tail walked four times.  Thanks to the awesome abilities of Scott and Eddie, they kept the boat headed towards ultimate victory added Gourley. 

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2nd Annual Clearwater Super Boat National Championships October 3, 2010 [ September 22 2010 ]
Our next race will be the SBI National Championship in Clearwater Beach, FL.

2nd Annual Clearwater Super Boat National Championships
Scheduled events start October 1st
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We are pleased to announce that after a long season of intense racing, we were able to bring home a 3rd place finish in the Super Boat International and World Championships. [ February 01 2010 ]

J&S Motorsports, representing the National Guard, would like to thank the states of Georgia, Florida, Michigan, Indiana, New Jersey, and New York for their support. [ January 31 2010 ]

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